Hotel Solutions

Efficiency is vital when running any business, but perhaps even more so in a guest-service oriented industry like hospitality. JTECH wireless communication systems increase your business’ efficiency while helping you provide more attentive, personalized service. Whether guests are traveling for business or pleasure, they expect a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere from your hotel and hospitality services.

By utilizing JTECH’s wireless solutions, you can easily eliminate service queues and congested lobbies with silent, wireless pagers. Simplify check-in, elevate service levels, provide personalized service and give your guests the opportunity to enjoy all that the property has to offer.

JTECH Wireless Paging System Benefits:

  • Offer discreet, immediate, communication
  • Provide reliable, personalized service
  • Improve response times
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Provide added convenience
  • Locate guests immediately
  • Accelerate processes and services
  • Streamline communications

How well your staff is able to communicate with each other is paramount to working efficiently and establishing a lasting rapport with guests. This is especially true of your bellman and concierge since they act as your hotel’s first impression. The better prepared the bellman and concierge are to anticipate and respond to guests needs, the more pampered and satisfied guests will be in your establishment.

JTECH’s Staff to Staff Communications will allow them too:

  • Execute consistently
  • Exceed guest expectations
  • Improve guest loyalty

JTECH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HM Electronics, Inc. Please visit for more information.