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Effective Communication and Your Business

An orderly, efficient and profitable business depends on many factors, with effective communications hovering at the top of the list. Having the right tools can mean the difference between success and failure, especially in challenging economic times.

JTECH’s SmartAlert® Series has been proven to increase efficiencies by providing communication solutions that merge simplicity with versatility. SmartAlert’s unique StaffComm™ “Push Button” messaging system is one such solution; providing an ideal tool for businesses such as Grocery Stores, Doctor’s offices, Clinics, Hotel Boardrooms and many others. JTECH’s portable StaffComm micro-transmitters place discreet, detailed communication at your fingertips. These wireless transmitters can either be utilized as a hand-held messaging device, placed on a tabletop or easily wall-mounted.

Additional StaffComm Benefits

  • Direct staff to specific areas immediately
  • Communicate specific requests to individuals and/or groups of people
  • Improve guest service and satisfaction
  • Improve customer service and patient satisfaction

JTECH’s wireless communication systems don’t end with SmartAlert. TITAN ™ from JTECH is a comprehensive software-based integration and messaging solution. It effortlessly integrates pagers, cell phones, PDAs, alarms, energy management, Point-of-Sale, Property Management and other operational systems for a single, unified communications network. TITAN keeps your mobile staff connected to provide both efficient and effective levels of service.

Empowering Hotel Meeting Room Clients Wirelessly

Hospitality industry professionals recognize the significant importance of customer service. You can make a significant impact and increase your Catering guests’ level of satisfaction through customer service initiatives in your meeting rooms.

JTECH has been a leading provider of wireless communication solutions for Hospitality applications decades. They realize that responding to your guests is crucial and every interaction places your reputation on the line. With JTECH’s StaffComm™ system, your guests will be able to instantly and silently communicate with staff members at the touch of a button.

The StaffComm micro-transmitters, available in single and four-key models, can be programmed with customized messages perfect for a variety of applications. Whether it’s a request for a break refresh or other F&B service, assistance with A/V, a change in the room temperature or simply expediting management assistance, all needs are facilitated by StaffComm. And your clients will love the empowerment, feeling as if their time is more highly valued.

StaffComm Allows You To:

  • Empower guests and improve service levels
  • Respond immediately to guest requests
  • Allow guests to communicate directly with employees
  • Better manage service personnel staffing
  • Reduce labor management expenses
  • Increase productivity and profitability