The hospitality industry is multi-faceted given the broad number of tasks required to meet guests’ needs. Demands span many disciplines, from coordinating check-in, to handling valet, to providing room service or tasty dining options. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Food Service Managers are required to coordinate a wide range of activities themselves beyond just dealing with challenging customers or motivating employees.  A communication system by JTECH enables your staff to best meet the needs of your guests. Proper communication is vital to ensuring that room service is delivered promptly, requests are handled efficiently, and your associates are empowered and appear knowledgeable and professional.

A study conducted by Lisa Sheehan-Smith of Middle Tennessee State University found that room service employees cited interpersonal communication as the most common reason for liking their jobs. By integrating ServAlert® pagers, you will be providing the best customer service thereby increasing guest satisfaction and reducing the likelihood of conflict between employees and your guests. By doing so, your employees will be more pleasant to deal with overall, and as a result, will have more positive interpersonal communication interactions and higher job satisfaction. ServAlert pagers ensure your staff is where they need to be when they need to be there. Food is delivered promptly from the kitchen, staff is coordinated about the premises as needed, and guests are happily accommodated. While your guests will certainly enjoy the superior service, your employees and food service managers will appreciate the investment you have made in their success. Bottom line though, happier employees result in happier customers, which results in higher profits.