There are now many forums for travelers to express their pleasures and their distastes. Travel websites have equipped travelers with log-in accounts and rating systems, and as a result people are vocalizing their experiences online for millions of other travelers to read. According to USA Today, TripAdvisor has more than 30 million reviews. This presents countless opportunities to either have guests write raving reviews, or for guests to share less than flattering comments. According to TripAdvisor, less than 4% of negative reviews get a response from management. This doesn’t mean though that hotel managers aren’t or shouldn’t be paying attention to what is being reported online. In fact, TripAdvisor saw a 203% explosion in hotel management responses last year. The website allows management to respond to reviews written about their property so long as their response meets some very reasonable criteria such as being void of profanity, being professional, and being relevant to the TripAdvisor audience.

With more and more travelers going online to do preliminary research about hotel accommodations, it has become ever more important to wow guests. JTECH’s integrated alerts and enterprise messaging systems help you ensure a seamless, responsive environment for your guests and staff. This is an advantageous way to increase the likelihood of receiving positive customer reviews online. While sites such as TripAdvisor prohibit companies from rewarding customers for writing reviews, companies can ask their guests to share their experience just so long as they are not being compensated for doing so. From banquet rooms, to room service, to housekeeping, to security, to concierge, there are many communication needs to manage and JTECH’s integrated pager systems are versatile enough to meet the needs of your hotel and help you get those raving reviews.