A lot of things can go wrong when expectations are high and humans are involved. Success comes not from never making a mistake but from being able to resolve such problems in a swift and efficient manner. Hotel managers are dealing with people in a relatively vulnerable state of being. They are away from home, without the comfort of their things, without their normal routines, and really at the mercy of your hotel staff. Therefore it is that much more important that matters be resolved quickly or else they can escalate into larger and more emotionally charged problems. For example, if a guest requests additional towels, the next actionable step is to get them additional towels. While this might not seem like rocket science, the skill comes in being able to coordinate needs and wants with appropriate service personnel.

JTECH alphanumeric pagers allow for actionable messages to immediately be sent to the appropriate staff member. The last thing you want is for your guest to be waiting to take a shower and the only person you have to take them additional towels is also manning the front desk. Being able to communicate with support staff is so important for meeting the seemingly minute needs of your guests. The ironic part is that it’s the little things that tend to add up to make or break a great experience. JTECH pagers allow for exceptional responsiveness to meeting the needs of your guests. Getting more towels to someone should not be a big deal on your end, but not getting them towels would be a very big deal on their end!