The support staff at a hotel is often the most overlooked, but in reality includes some of the most important players. Part of making the most of these employees involves being able to summon them as needed to meet specific concerns. JTECH InstaCallâ„¢ alphanumeric pagers allow for immediate response to guest needs using specific alerts. Take for example the bellhop, or formerly referred to as the bellboy because this was literally a position filled by a boy or adolescent male. The bellhop is the first and last person your guests are going to see at your hotel. Silent pagers give management the ability to request the presence of a bellhop as needed. No one wants to be left waiting at the curb outside the hotel for luggage assistance. JTECH pagers are a quick and discreet way to make sure guests are tended to in a very timely fashion. Maybe one of your bellhops is busy giving driving directions or performing basic concierge work but another guest party has arrived and needs attention. Pagers are ideal for situations such as these where additional staff is needed. At the touch of a button, other staff members can be contacted immediately to address the need. And since these service personnel are often tipped employees, the better service they are able to provide often translates to better tips. Business owners know that happier employees make for happy guests.

JTECH alphanumeric pagers are also appropriate, useful and cost-effective in other departments such as housekeeping and landscaping. Perhaps furniture is blowing around the pool deck, and additional staff is needed to come help tie down the umbrellas and move in the chairs before a storm. Pagers make everyone accessible, which adds immeasurable efficiency to unpredictable situations. While it would be nice to be able to plan in advance for every scenario, that’s just not realistic. So, be as prepared as possible with the right communication tools.