Hotel operators can find themselves in the mix of a lot of different businesses all under one roof. Many hotels have restaurants, some offer spa services, laundry cleaning, retail boutiques, auto detailing, recreational activities like golfing, tennis and swimming, but the core business remains hospitality. Managing all these moving pieces can be overwhelming and requires quite the master planning. All the planning in the world, however, cannot prepare for every detail that might arise. For this reason, having good solid communication tools is imperative for dealing with unplanned situations in the most professional and hospitable manner. JTECH offers a full range of Motorola radio products which are useful in both security and coordinator situations. For example, maintenance staff is probably the most mobile staff on the hotel grounds. Their expertise and assistance is needed all throughout the day and from one place to the next, usually without much advanced notice. It is imperative that they be accessible at all times. JTECH’s Motorola radio offerings make these “go-to” guys reachable for when the unexpected occurs. Whether it’s a plumbing emergency or a heavy lifting need, these valuable employees are only as valuable as they are reachable.

Running a hotel is certainly a teamwork enterprise. By equipping your employees with the tools needed to communicate well, you are setting them up for success. And the more success they have, the better the stay will be for your guests, and the better the stay, the greater the likelihood they will either return or recommend your hotel to family and friends. And, with the popularity of social media, trends can go viral and reputations enhanced or destroyed at the blink of an eye. Superior communication with pagers and Motorola two-way radios will place you on the "enhanced" side of things, keeping your guests happy and their needs met. Don’t let the unexpected throw off your game; make it an opportunity to wow your guests.