Banquets and catering services are a lucrative part of a hotel’s operation if managed properly and marketed well. Clearly, in the hospitality industry, service is everything. One way to add that noteworthy extra bit of service is to empower your guests with instant access to key staff. JTECH’s StaffComm wireless transmitters can be strategically placed in the banquet rooms so that the meeting, group or event coordinators can immediately request the presence of staff with the discreet and simple press of a button. This is a great sales tool that can be used to attract business meetings and conferences. Having StaffComm transmitters available for your guests to use also makes your operation look that much more attentive, professional and well-run. If a sales conference, for example, is taking place and the organizer of the meeting recognizes that beverages need to be replenished and perhaps some snacks would help keep everyone awake and engaged for the afternoon session, the organizer can simply press a button and hotel staff will immediately respond to those needs. In the end it makes everyone look better, but better yet it pleases the guests, which is the number one priority.

In addition, from the hotel’s perspective, JTECH’s wireless paging devices reduce costs by alleviating the need for staff to wait idle at the perimeter of a banquet room in the event they are needed. Instead, they can be productive elsewhere on property, yet fully accessible when needed. JTECH has taken the guesswork out of service. Now the same number of staff members can serve multiple conference rooms or hospitality suites, depending on YOUR needs. This also increases the privacy afforded to your guests by not requiring that staff be waiting in the banquet room. Doors can be closed, privacy honored, and staff still readily available as needed. Banquets and Catering is already a profit center and with JTECH, you can capitalize on every service opportunity to ensure your continued success.