The banquet business is a dynamic and potentially profitable endeavor. Building or running a banquet business requires being attuned to a number of things. There are the given business basics such as making sure that the market is ripe for your services, that the clientele can afford to support your price point, that the health department standards have been met, and that your staffing is appropriate for the size of your venue. Staffing will forever be a business area that requires a certain level of finesse. Where personalities are concerned, there always exists the possibility for conflict, missed expectations, and errors.

In a hotel setting where banquet services are offered, for example, the hotel is given the task of meeting the expectations of the client, yet the expectations are not always clearly defined or communicated. This is one area where a wireless communication system such as those by JTECH can be a business saver. For example, if the hotel banquet area is equipped with a wireless device within reach of the client, the client can then, in effect, have their needs met with the press of a button. Whether for more water glasses or to address a lighting preference, JTECH’s wireless communication devices are great for connecting staff and client without intrusion. It’s not always practical to have a staff member standing post at all times to cater to every wish and need, so JTECH’s wireless paging devices provide immediate access when desired or required. In addition, having a wireless call button in the banquet room affords the client a level of privacy that might not otherwise be obtainable. Further, it’s certainly more cost effective for the banquet operator to have a wireless device on-call as opposed to a staff member.