A Strong Defense is the Best Offense

One unique aspect of running a hotel is the need to keep a several different “businesses” running smoothly and simultaneously. For example, hotels are in the business of running a hotel accommodating overnight guests, running a restaurant(s), running a valet business, perhaps running a spa, running a retail establishment, and the list goes on and on. Keeping track of all the various moving pieces can be very difficult. Equally difficult is managing the level of communication between departments and these various business “enterprises.” TITAN by JTECH is exactly the tool needed to keep all the balls in the air. TITAN integrates all the various communication systems and devices in use and packages them nicely into one single system. This aggregation of tools will enable you to maximize efficiency and manage communication needs across the entire business. This includes integrating all email, cell phone, business phone (PBX and/or Wi-Fi phones) and local and wide area pager communications. TITAN also tracks and logs all incoming and outgoing communication which is a very valuable tool for assessing where communication lapses are occurring and where efficiency might be increased.

Improved communication between staff members enables your employees to provide the highest level of customer care and guest service. This smooth-running,cooperative team that is created by using TITAN will increase guest satisfaction and customer loyalty, positively impacting revenues and profitability. Your guests will feel like they are king or queen for a day, with every need more-readily obtainable thanks to the team that exists behind the scenes. Specific messages can be sent directly to the staff members who need to receive that communication. Gone are the frustrating days of trying to track someone down within the building or over the grounds of a large hotel. Similarly, overhead paging is disruptive to guests, and can be eliminated when you use TITAN for all your communication needs. Every day is something new, and TITAN is ready to help you tackle whatever is thrown your way.