Who doesn’t love the luxury of room service while on a trip or vacation? There is something undeniably fabulous about having someone bring food right to your doorstep or essentially to your bed for that matter. Whether hungry for a delectable pancake breakfast or looking to munch on an evening snack, room service is a win-win situation for both guests and hotels. When done properly, room service can greatly increase guest satisfaction. But unfortunately, when done poorly, room service can ruin someone’s impression of a hotel. JTECH’s offerings of two-way radios and pagers will enable you to service your overnight guests with the highest level of room service available. Pagers and radios are very handy in the event that a guest makes a request, such as for more ketchup to be delivered for their French fries or more syrup for their waffles. JTECH’s radios allow you to instantly notify the appropriate staff member to deliver the requested items. Meanwhile, the residual result of room service is the unsightly view of finished trays left in the hallway. This is really unacceptable for other guests to have to look at someone else’s leftover plates. JTECH’s pagers and radios make it easy to summon the appropriate staff to go and pick up the trays as they are noticed.

Beyond food, room service now includes things such as gaming consoles and other technology toys. More and more hotels offer guests the ability to rent an Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii. JTECH’s pagers and radios will connect the necessary staff to meet the needs that subsequently arise with these services as well. According to Joseph McInerney, President and CEO of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, room service is “a service you need to have if you want to consider yourself a first-class hotel.” But, it’s also important that it’s done well. While room-service wasn’t always a profitable avenue of the hospitality industry, with the increased efficiency created by using JTECH pagers and radios, you have the opportunity to turn that around.