Communication Through Connection

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate fragmented communication lines and replace them with one master communication hub? You can, with TITAN for Hotels, by JTECH. Whether you are working with cell phones, DECT or Wi-Fi phones, a traditional PBXwide area or on-site pagers, you can integrate virtually all your mobile devices into the TITAN system creating a one source communication solution. TITAN can also integrate other electronic systems including HVAC, security, fire and others using standard protocols to normalize communications. TITAN also logs and tracks your communication events between staff members to allow management to analyze if and where efficiency can be increased and training implemented. Gone are the days of “he said/she said.” Simply refer to the log and examine the facts. TITAN brings together all areas of your operation. to the improved communications enable everyone to provide a higher level of service. Not only will your guests be happier, but so will your staff given that they are better equipped to do their jobs well.

Whether connecting security, bell staff, food and beverage, or concierge, TITAN is the tool to get the job done. Because TITAN is scalable, all systems are customizable to the size and needs of your hotel, whether you are operating a small boutique hotel or a five-star destination resort. You won’t be paying for more than you can use and you won’t be left with less than you need. Tourism is a volatile business, even when the economy is doing well. There are always peaks and valleys in the traffic flow, which is why it’s extremely important to offer the best service all the time. TITAN gives you the tools you need to wow your guests from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave!