The Multi-Faceted Nature of a Reputation

Traveling is fun, but traveling combined with great food is a blast. Some savvy hoteliers have capitalized on this notion by incorporating a destination restaurant into their business model. While this can pay off handsomely if handled correctly, it can also be a liability for the hotel if the restaurant’s service does not measure up.

Managing the reputation of a hotel can seem like a full-time job, especially when taking into consideration all the moving parts of a hotel. The business involves much more than making sure the beds are made and the lights are on. As noted earlier, there may be a restaurant to worry about, a valet team to manage, a concierge desk to oversee, a spa to monitor, and let’s not forget the aesthetics of your property.

Each of these areas can leave a lasting impact on your guest. So how do you manage all of these moving pieces? The best approach is to break them down into manageable bite-sized components. When considering the destination restaurant, for example, it is often useful to truly consider the restaurant independent of the hotel. Don’t think that the restaurant is going to take care of itself – it won’t. It will take care of itself just as much as the beds change their own sheets.

Optimizing your reputation happens when you optimize each of these areas with attention. To boost the reputation of your destination restaurant, you might want to consider a wireless communication and restaurant wait list management tool like Spinnaker.

Spinnaker is a tablet-based application that helps manage the business and guest flow. Spinnaker Mobile also gives your guests access to information such as specials and their wait time. Guests are also given the opportunity and the forum to provide instantaneous feedback.

Marketing experts who study reputation trends and reputation formulation have found that it is a business’ response to a problem that dictates how a customer perceives the business, more so than what the original problem actually was. So, where your hotels’ ‘destination’ restaurant is concerned, Spinnaker gives you the ability to respond immediately to any negative feedback. This actually has the potential to improve the customer’s perception beyond if there had been no problem at all. People like to tell their Facebook friends and Twitter followers about everything – just remember, you want to be a part of a good story – the kind that leaves people smiling.